Six Steel Companies in Hebei Have Stopped Production

Six Steel Companies in Hebei Have Stopped Production

Hebei News – Recently, the Hebei Provincial Department of Environmental Protection issued the “Circular on the Supervision and Verification of the Iron and Steel Enterprises in the Province and Supervision and Verification of Post-Discharge Permits and Suggestions for Rectification”: In 2017, Hebei Province initiated a verification operation focusing on the upgrading of steel enterprises and the issuing of pollutant discharge permits, and approved the suspension of production licenses for 6 steel companies that have issued certificates such as Chengde Shengfeng Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. And requires 113 steel companies have issued certificates to limit production of steel. Shougang Mining Corporation and other 12 steel companies have been issued for the implementation of administrative penalties.

In accordance with relevant requirements, in contrast to the environmental standards newly promulgated and implemented by the State and the province in recent years, our province has implemented the steel industry for a limited period of time to manage and upgrade the standards. Only after the iron and steel enterprise completes the task of upgrading the standard and meets the acceptance criteria of the environmental protection department, can it obtain a permit for discharge.

The circular pointed out that if there is any violation of the “Procedures for Hebei Province’s Permitting Pollution Permits Management,” the unauthorized establishment or operation of illegal production capacity, and the total discharge of pollutants exceeds the control targets, the issuing authority shall revoke the law in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Administrative Permit Law. The pollutant discharge permit was transferred to the environmental protection department at the same level and ordered to stop production.

For enterprises that have not strictly implemented the task of upgrading the environmental protection standard, have low standards for acceptance of environmental protection standards, lack of pollutant treatment facilities, have insufficient monitoring factors for acceptance of the upgrade, have not installed on-line monitoring facilities, or have unregulated discharge outlets or are not connected to the network, the municipal environmental protection agency according to the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the administrative decision was made to order its deadline and limit production rectification. The deadline for rectification shall not exceed 3 months, and the production limit shall be calculated at 50% of the normal production capacity.

If there is any “unconfirmed pre-construction” illegal act and the actual discharge of pollutants has not occurred, and the relevant information has not been included in the permit for discharge, it shall be transferred to the Provincial Environmental Comprehensive Enforcement Bureau for administrative punishment.

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